How do I turn on the lamp of the arriva bike?

The lamp in bicycles is switched on automatically once the bike is put in motion. All the biker needs to do thus is to start pedaling and the lamp will light up the way before him.

If I am registered in arriva bike, can I use the bikes in other cities / countries?

arriva bike systems are compatible with each system operated by Arriva Slovakia and with nextbike systems. This means that registration in one of them gives access to the other bike systems of which Arriva Slovakia or nextbike is the operator without any additional formalities-in accordance with the local price list (except for systems in Budapest, Belfast and Munich).

There are no bikes at the station-why?

arriva relocation teams move the bikes around 24 hours a day during the week so that the lack of bikes at the stations is filled out on an ongoing basis. If there is no available bike at the station, the information about closest available bike you can find in the app arriva bike or online

Will any other new stations be created?

We may declare, on our side, that as the system operator we will make every effort to expand the system and add sponsored launched in cooperation with local entrepreneurs.

I have a problem with the functioning of the station or I noticed a defect-what can I do?

We will be grateful to obtain such information (containing the number of the problematic station or bike) through sending email message to the address of the Customer Service Office (, by calling the hotline or reporting the problem via the app. The service will check out the problem and remove a defect  as soon as possible. Our personnel monitors the status of the system 24 hours a day, whilst such notifications allow us to react even faster.

Can I attach a child seat to the city bike?

arriva bikes are not adjusted to mounting child seats or carrying passengers.

What should I do when a rented bike was stolen?

In case of a theft of a bike during rental you should inform the Customer Service Office  about it within the maximum of 12 hours from the moment of bike rental on phone number +421 915 244 244.

How do I get the app?

The mobile app is called nextbike. Download it from Google Play or App Store (iOS).

Can I use the integrated cable lock outside of a station?

Yes! You can park temporarily by using the cable lock on any bike dock either by locking to a bike rack or by locking the bicycle to itself. Until your bike is returned to a arriva bike station, your rental time continues to accrue. To unlock the bike again, enter your unlock code into the on-board computer.